Kanebo Freeplus Moist Care Emulsion 2


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Kanebo Freeplus Moist Care Emulsion 2

Paraben additive-free

Free fragrance-free coloring

Alcohol (ethanol) with no additives

Ultraviolet absorber additive-free

Mineral oil additive-free

Mild acidity

Allergy test, patch test ※ 3 , stinging test ※ 4 already.

It does not mean that does not cause allergies or skin problems and irritation to everyone.

How to use

Please be Oshiki~tsu firmly the pump to the bottom case of use.

Morning, evening, after it trimmed the skin with lotion, let soften gently to your entire face and took the appropriate amount.

2. Moist typeThe familiar smooth the skin, trim moist softness of the dry skin type

Made in Japan