Maputi Organic Fragrance White Cream


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Maputi Organic Fragrance White Cream

Specially formulated for delicate zone areas, this whitening cream is great for those who are concerned with darkened skin on their thighs, crotch, underarm area, elbow, neck, nipples, etc. 

It is highly rated on Japanese site @ Cosme!

Apart from whitening, this cream also works as a scented cream / deodorant that provides a long-lasting body fragrance. It’s just a mixture of citrus and peach, with a hint of floral scent, which is absolutely pleasant to our olfactory senses!

Best of all, it’s totally SAFE to use on any delicate areas of your body even with sensitive skin. It is formulated with certified organic herbal extracts, contains NO artificial ingredients and it’s 7-FREE (petroleum free surfactant free, paraben free, synthetic coloring free, mineral oil free, alcohol free, silicon free, synthetic polymer free).

How to use: 

  • Squeeze a coin-sized amount on your palm
  • Massage it on the areas that you wanna target after shower. For me, I apply it on my elbow and also my knees.


Made in Japan